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If you're looking for an exciting team building exercise that will truly bring your team together, Mike has you covered! As someone who's been to military school, I believe that working towards a common goal while suffering together is what truly makes a team tight-knit. So, when it was time for Yellowbird’s quarterly team building exercise, I wanted to do something more physical than the usual basic activities like cooking classes and other things around town. That's when I had lunch with Mike Getka, a former Navy SEAL, and he offered to lead a mock BUDS training on the beach in Jax Beach. Let me tell you, it was absolutely phenomenal! The best part was coming back to the office and hearing everyone talk about their morning experiences. The feedback was unanimous: this was the best team building event we had ever done! What I appreciated most was how inclusive the training was. Mike did an amazing job accommodating all fitness levels, from those in great shape to those who were less so. Everyone worked together as a team and by the end, we felt like we had truly bonded. In fact, I even have a picture in my office of all of us linked together on the beach. I cannot thank Mike enough for this unforgettable experience, and I'm already looking forward to doing it again soon. It truly made a difference in the way we work together and in how we view each other in the office. So, if you're looking for a team building exercise that will have a lasting impact, give Mike a try!
Pat Flynn
President, Yellowbird
If you know Mike Getka then you begin to understand his mindset. I've known Mike for 33 years and I've seen his intensity firsthand. The thing about Mike is that he has an incredible talent to motivate people and he's been doing it his entire life. As a younger SEAL I looked up to Mike because of his intensity and sincere passion for the job. But as Mike has gotten older, Mike has effectively transformed that intensity into a measured understanding of how to inspire leadership and team building. The great thing about the Getka SEAL Mindset is that he still holds that spark that inspires and motivates. And, from all his experience as a Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/S) instructor, he knows how to build leaders to take charge, organize, and work together. I've seen it firsthand, and the mental aspect of the teambuilding might be more important than the physical. Mike is truly a unique personality and skilled leader... Get some GSM!!!
Aric L.
SEAL Team Two Teammate
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